Summer Flowers

Growing and Caring Arabian Jasmine Plant

Arabian Jasmine or Jasminum Sambac is part of the Oleaceae family. It is a shrubby plant, originating in India and it is present in many tropical climates around the world. It also appears in the Bible under the name mogra or mograw, making it holy to some people. Arabian Jasmine Varieties The multiple varieties of the plant are distinct from…

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Purple Crocus
Spring Flowers

Growing Crocus Tommasinianus or ‘Tommies’

Crocus Tommasinianus or ‘tommies’ is a member of the Iridaceae family. It is a spring flower and it is widely found in Europe. Being an early blooming plant it is a bees favorite as it contains a lot of yellow – orange pollen. Crocus Tommasinianus Origins This plant is native to woodlands and hillsides from south of Hungary and northern…

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