Bloody Cranesbill Flower
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Bloody Cranesbill Flower – A Colorful Attraction For Your Garden

Coming from Europe, the bloody cranesbill flower has been a favorite among American gardeners for many years. It has won the GreatPlants award, being proposed b the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Bloody Cranesbill Characteristics Scientifically known as Geranium sanguineum, the lower is a rhizomatous perennial plant. It is a bush like flower that reaches a height of 15 or 16 inches…

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Deutzia Nikko
Spring Flowers

Use Deutzia Nikko as a Covering Shrub

Ground covering plants are quite hard to find, but they are among the best looking in a garden having a great visual effect. Deutzia Nikko is one of the top ground covering plants on the market. The name derives from the name of Johann van der Deutz who was a patron of famous botanists Carl Peter Thunberg (according to the…

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