Jacob Cline
Summer Flowers

How to Grow Monarda Didyma “Jacob Cline”

The Jacob Cline variety of Monarda Didyma or Beebalm is a beautiful perennial, red bloom that is easy to grow and care. It is one of the star plants for a summer garden attracting a myriad of insects that pollinate it and the surrounding flowers. This variety will fill your garden with red blooms all summer long. It was discovered…

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Bloody Cranesbill Flower
Spring Flowers, Summer Flowers

Bloody Cranesbill Flower – A Colorful Attraction For Your Garden

Coming from Europe, the bloody cranesbill flower has been a favorite among American gardeners for many years. It has won the GreatPlants award, being proposed b the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Bloody Cranesbill Characteristics Scientifically known as Geranium sanguineum, the lower is a rhizomatous perennial plant. It is a bush like flower that reaches a height of 15 or 16 inches…

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Deutzia Nikko
Spring Flowers

Use Deutzia Nikko as a Covering Shrub

Ground covering plants are quite hard to find, but they are among the best looking in a garden having a great visual effect. Deutzia Nikko is one of the top ground covering plants on the market. The name derives from the name of Johann van der Deutz who was a patron of famous botanists Carl Peter Thunberg (according to the…

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Schizophragma Moonlight
Gardening Tips & Tricks, Summer Flowers

Schizophragma Moonlight Vine Care

Climbing vines have a tremendous effect in a nice garden. Schizophragma Moonlight is perfectly adapted for the USA and in midsummer can embrace whole tree trunks with wonderful blooms. It names comes from the Greek language and it means “divided wall”. Schizophragma is a deer resistant member of the Hydrangea family and the flowers slightly resemble other plants from the…

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