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Dwarf Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree Care

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

Spring is one of the most wonderful ties of the year. Seeing all kinds of trees blooming and feeling their smell can make anyone feel alive. In a small garden it is quite hard to find room for trees, but there is an alternative. A dwarf weeping cherry tree can be the answer.

Characteristic of the Dwarf Cherry Blossom Tree

The miniature cherry tree or Prunus spp. Doesn’t grow more than 12 feet tall and produces numerous pink and white blooms during spring. In the beginning of summer, it will produce small sour cherries. The fruits are not the best, but don’t forget that this is mainly a decorative tree.

Other popular varieties are Hiromi and Snow Fountain. Each has its own special characteristics when it comes to flowers and the way that the branches grow, but have similar care needs.

How to Care for A Miniature Cherry Tree

This tree needs to be placed in full sunshine and well-drained soil. If you have a hilly garden, placing it somewhere on top of a mound is perfect. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture this plant grows in zones 5 to 8. If you have a shaded garden another great tree is dogwood.

The tree can be planted in autumn or spring. You will need to dig a hole of about 10-15 inches deep and add some compost on the bottom (about 5 inches). The PH of the soil and make sure is alkaline. Add some peat moss to increase the PH if needed.

Spread the roots of the tree in the hole and fill it about halfway. Water it and let it settle a little bit (30 minutes). The fill the hole with soil and water again. The crown of the newly planted dwarf weeping cherry tree should sit about 1 inch from the grown.

In the first year you need to water the three about 3 times a week in order to ensure a high humidity level for the roots. Fertilize the tree before each spring growth period. Please use the fertilizers recommended on the label of the three that you bought.

Pruning must be made each year in order to maintain the health of the tree and its aspect.

Prune it in winter while the cherry tree is dormant, so you do not affect its growth. To completely remove branches, cut out about half an inch back from the branch collar.

Weeping cherry trees make a perfect addition to any garden and will attract a lot of bees in spring. Thus it will help with the blooming of other plants near the tree.

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