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Growing Cherokee Princess Dogwood in the Backyard

Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Landscaping a garden is challenging and finding the right trees to beautify a scenery is hard. Cherokee princess dogwood tree is one of the splendid flowering trees that one can have in a garden.

How Do Dogwood Trees Look Like?

Dogwood trees can prove to be a delightful pick for any garden. In spring they are covered with showers of pink (Cherokee Chief ) or white flowers (Cherokee Princess). In autumn, as the temperatures drop, the foliage will make your garden look like it is on fire. All the leaves will turn in red nuances and the tree will be filled with red berries.

Princess Dogwood is part of the “Cornus” genus and it is one of the about 50 species which are common from China, Japan to the southeast of US. In the latest decades it began appearing in gardens across various parts of Europe, but it is not a native tree.

It is native to the woodlands of south Virginia where dogwood is present on a wide scale. If you will visit the forest during spring, you will notice dots of flowers all over the landscape. This means that dogwood trees are blooming.

What is Needed to Grow Cherokee Princess Dogwood?

When choosing a baby tree, you can pick between a container grown one ore a field grown one. We would recommend the field grown ones as they are more resilient and have faced more weather patterns.

Being native to the area, residents of the eastern part of the USA will not find it difficult to grow this tree. When planting the tree, be sure to choose a place with good quality soil. As they are well suited for temperate areas, dogwood trees are accustomed with moderate precipitation. The soil needs to be well drained and it is recommended to use organic matter(compost) when planting in order to substitute the decaying leaves that the tree finds in forests.

Plant the tree in a semi shaded area and make sure it has enough room to develop. You must remember that this is a full grown tree in adulthood and it needs a lot of space compared to dwarf cherry trees.

How to Plant Dogwood Trees?

After you picked the perfect location you need to follow a few easy steps:

– Dig a hole that allows the root-ball enough space to spread (about twice the width of the root-ball should be enough)
– Mix the soil you extracted from the hole with compost
– Place the tree in the hole.
– Carefully place some of the soil-compost mixture around the roots with your hands and press firmly
– Fill in the hole with the rest of the compost-soil mixture and make sure the tree is straight
– Add mulch and water it well.
In the first year from planting make sure the tree gets water regularly. This will enable the tree to develop strong roots before the first winter.

Are there Pests that Can Harm My Dogwood Tree?

There are two common issues with dogwood: an insect and a fungal disease.

The dogwood borer is an insect that likes to drill holes in the wood. This will make the branches affected die. It is important not to scrape the bark of the trees with lawnmowers or other gardening equipment as the scars on the tree trunk are perfect for the bugs to enter the wood.

In case you notice these bugs, contact your local gardening center to provide the best .

The other problem is dogwood anthracnose. This fungal disease affects the foliage. Leaves will develop large purple sports and they will spread fast during wet periods. Take some leaves to your local gardeners to confirm the disease and ask him for a cure.

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