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Leucothoe Scarletta Plant Care

Leucothe Scarletta

Leucothoe Scarlett or dog hobble is one of the lesser known garden plants. It is part of the Ericaceae family and it is an evergreen shrub with panicles of urn shaped flowers. It spreads fast and grows at about 4 feet.

Its leaves go trough a lot of changes during a year. In spring the young leaves have a nice green color with bright red edges. Then when they mature, they turn a glossy and dark green. During the colder seasons like autumn and winter the leaves will not fall, but will get bronze red. This makes it a perfect plant for all seasons and keeps any garden vivid.

Leucothoe Scarletta Care

The plant loves loam and clay soil which is well drained. Poorly drained soil can work but is not recommended as you will find it harder to keep the plant healthy and happy. It needs an acidic soil and a lot of sunlight. It is best to place the plant in full sun, but a partial shaded area works also.

It does not tolerate drought and needs constant watering if you are living in hot places like California, Texas or Colorado.
Called also drooping laurel, this plants suckers and it is easy to transplant and split. The new shoots will root once they touch ground and the plant will extend. Usually it reached maturity in 8 to 10 years.

This bush is grown mainly for its foliage. The flowers are little and have an unpleasant smell. It is best to place it further from your home, in order to benefits only from its appearance and not its smell.

It is a really low maintenance plant. All that you need to do is to clear it from dead leaves and t make sure that it has enough water. If you feel that it spreads to much you can simply remove the parts that are not pleasant. This will not hurt the plant at all.
It is a sturdy flower which does not really have diseases or pests.

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